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To obtain a Broker license the following must be met:
  • be at least 18 years old
  • successfully complete an "approved" broker educational course
  • achieve a passing score on the State examination
  • make application for a license not later than 120 days after passing the
  • pay the license fee which can be provided by contacting the Indiana Professional Liciense Board
  • have no conviction for a crime that has a direct bearing on the individual's
    ability to practice competently

1. I have been out school for some time, what are my chances of success in the course?
Well, lets put it this way, there's an old saying that goes something like this..."You only get out what you put in".
There is much truth to that statement, especially as it may apply to studying real estate.
Real Estate Training Services, we are committed to excellence in training. Our continuous goal is
to provide the very best instruction while taking a personal interest in the progress of each of our students.
Without question, you must diligently complete all reading and other assignments, listen attentively to the in-class lecture and discussion and ask questions when something is unclear. With this combination of both our combined efforts, your chances for success couldn't be better!

2. What is the cost of the course and will I need to provide anything additionally?

The complete cost of the Brokers course, which includes all textbooks, binder/outline for in-class note taking, state license law booklet and course review book, is determinied by the school at this time the cost is 645.00. Price subject to change. The complete cost of the Broker course, including all study material etc.,  Payment may be made by Visa, Mastercard, or personal check. Tuition must be received before the start of the class in order to assure your seat in the class.
Since all the study materials you'll need are included in the course, the only "extra" you'll need to provide would be a simple battery operated calculator.

3. Is there a cost associated with taking the State license examination?

Promissor is the duly appointed agent for the Indiana Real Estate Commission in administering the license examination. There is an examination fee the amount can be providing you by contacting the Indiana Real Estate Professional Liciense Agency.  Reserving a test date and making payment for the examination can be accomplished "online". Details of this process will be provided to you in the course.

4. Once I receive my license, can I establish my own brokerage agency?

Indiana license law establishes a broker license and depending on requirements and your broker status will determine if you can stasrt your own brokerage agency as the writing of this web site you must be an associate broker for two years working under a managing broker before you can become a managing broker and start your own brokerage agency.

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